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About Us

Hello fellow Trainers!  My name is Steve and thank you for visiting our website.  TCEvolutions really all started because of my oldest son Aaron.  His love for Pokemon and the trading card game (TCG) is the true foundation of this small venture.  His passion has not only motivated me to take a chance to start this business and produce TCEvolutions products but also to get involved in playing this amazing game as well.

(photo credit: Doug Morisoli)

Like most players, we learned the game and calculated damage hit points using traditional dotted dice, where each dot represents “10” and you multiply mentally by the number of dots accumulated on your pokemon card to arrive at the total damage.  However, in the early months of learning the game, my son (10 years old at the time) was struggling with the mental math and often miscalculate.  During one test play session, out of pure frustration he yelled: “WHY CAN’T THEY JUST PUT NUMBERS ON THE DICE!?!?!?!” ....I paused and looked at him for a minute (with a dim lightbulb going off in my head) and thought “Why not?” We immediately started exploring to make his idea a reality.

With my background in manufacturing CNC machined aluminum components, we called upon our CNC machine factory to try and bring this idea into reality.  While the finished product might look simple, we actually struggled quite a bit with the first few production runs in trying to figure out a manufacturing process that would minimize the amount of throwaways due to blemishes and imperfections.  We knew that the players expects nothing but perfection with each dice; from the grade of the aluminum, to the machine finish, the laser engraving of the number, and the anodizing of color.  Putting out a product that’s anything less than that was just not acceptable.

When we were finally able to introduced the first finished products to some of the players we know, some were amazed and immediately fell in love with the concept, some were understandably skeptical, while some simply didn’t want to try it.  However, Aaron and I just believe that this creation will one day forever change this aspect of calculating and displaying damage in Pokemon TCG.  We continued and introduce our products to more players in the community, putting ourselves out there to showcase our products to the top players and casuals alike.  We listened to what the players wanted and offered more colors and paid close attention to the player's feedback not just about our prodcuts but also about the game, which actually led to the creation of our second product for TCEvolutions; the GX marker.  The GX marker was a direct result from a local player who was complaining about the footprint of the ETB GX marker and how much space it was taking up on his playmat.  We listened and produce a GX marker nearly half the size of the ETB marker while retaining a similar size in the “GX” lettering. 

In order to try and get more players to try our products, we supported and sponsored numorous regionals and local League cups our first year, giving away hundreds of sets while taking a significant loss in the first year of the venture.  However, we believed in our products and know that if the players are willing to just give it a try, they will see and understand the benefit of the simplicity and clarity that our products brings to the game.  

As we continue our journey as a father and son team in this fun world of Pokemon, we are grateful for all the friendships we have made in the community from this little idea Aaron have envisioned.  We feel truly honored to see more and more players enjoy using TCEvolutions products.  We love meeting new players in the community and if you ever see us at a tournament, please come up and say “Hello” we are always willing to listen to your feedback, comments and suggestions.  Lastly, we just want to say a big “THANK YOU” to the player community that have supported us along the way, and thanks again for stopping by!


Steve & Aaron Wang